Gallery 2004

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Noel Clark & Guanjiu Fang

Noel Clark and Guanjiu Fang looking at data

Joe Maclennan

Joe Maclennan in the computer bay

Jon Fernsler

Jon Fernsler and his bananas

Chart (Apichart Pattanaporkratana)

Apichart Pattaporkrattana does laser tweezing

Lauren Hough & Michi Nakata

Loren Hough and Michi Nakata studying textures

Renfan Shao

Renfan Shao preparing a sample

Lauren Hough

Loren Hough sets the temperature

Michi Nakata

Michi Nakata at her desk


Asa adjusts the laser tweezers

Annett Baumgartner

Annett Baumgartner paying the bills

Lisa Shykula

Lisa Shykula developing this website!

Gabriel Price

Gabriel Price taking care of the plants

A (Nattaporn Chattham)

Nattaporn Chattham (A) looks at films

Art Klittnick

Art Klittnick checks out the water pipes

A (Nattaporn Chattham)

A has just finished her PhD

IJ (Ithiel Frame) and A

IJ Frame has graduated

Malcolm Rickard & Gabriel Price

Malcolm Rickard and Gabriel Price

Renfan Shao

Renfan Shao has something to smile about

Gabriel Price and Friends

Gabriel is going to graduate school (to study optics)

LC Group Picture 2004

LC group under the crab apples